The Venice Doberman Rescue

The Venice Doberman Rescue In Florida

Merry Christmas!

Santa, can I have my present now? We're smiling for
the camera so we can get lots of presents
Dads here so we have to behave and work the crowd
OH BOY! OH BOY! Santa's coming tonight!!
I've been sooo good I know I'll get lots of toys!
We are going to try to stay awake until Santa comes.

 Venice Doberman Rescue Inc is a Florida Non Profit 501(C)(3) all volunteer organization dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and re homing as many Dobermans as we are able to. We retrieve them from shelters, animal control facilities and owners that are no longer able to care for them. We also help place them by referrals to other rescues.

Please go to the Adoption page to see our list of currently Adoptable Dobermans. We ask you to please fill out a Rescue Application once you feel you are ready to adopt.

Filling out the contact form below will not be an adequate substitute to our Rescue Application form.

The Venice Doberman Rescue is run by Couple Theodore and Mary Buccilli of Venice, Florida. You may reach out to them either through the contact form below, email the Rescue @ or by Simply Calling  (941) 809-7942

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